Residential buildings

• 241,050 sq. Meters total built-up area,
• 2,411 homes,
• 27 items - retail outlets and offices
• 15 - industrial sites
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"LINER" Ltd. is a company that participates in various sectors of construction and therefore makes special efforts to maintain professional teams and machinery that can meet the challenges of project assignments. The presence of its own capital investments and assets enables the company to offer its clients complex services, fast terms and guaranteed quality.


If you have an investment intention to build an industrial building, a shop or a residential building, we can offer you their design.


The company specializes in the construction of commercial - administrative, industrial, residential, industrial buildings and complexes.


We offer complex building consultations by competent specialists. We conduct in-depth engineering research. We offer optimal design solutions tailored to your requirements and budget.

Company activity

For its 25 years of successful development "LINER" Ltd. has realized:

Residential buildings

Вe have built 47 residential buildings with 240,000 square meters of total built-up area and 2411 apartments.

Commercial and administrative buildings

We have built 27 shopping centers and offices.

Industrial and industrial buildings

15 industrial sites were built

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