About Liner Ltd.

The ambitious idea to create a "Liner - Construction Company" Ltd. started back in 1992 and already has 25 years of experience in the construction field. Over the years the company has gained significant market positions and well-deserved reputation among the customers and among the building – entrepreneurial union. The management combines professional expertise with flair to customer needs and uncompromising attitude to follow the standards, and quality in all its dimensions. It is specialized in the construction of commercial - administrative, industrial, residential, industrial buildings and complexes.

The company's idea is to show good business practices, honesty to partners and customers and to be ready to meet all the expectations and challenges that the modern world provides.

"LINER" Ltd. is a company that participates in various sectors of construction and therefore makes special efforts to maintain professional teams and machinery that can meet the challenges of project assignments. The presence of its own capital investments and assets enables the company to offer its clients complex services, fast terms and guaranteed quality.

"LINER" Ltd. has a team of highly qualified selected staff - specialists and workers. The structure is hierarchical, distributed by competency. It has modern, specialized light and heavy mechanization, it has its own inventory and warehouse, which is periodically updated.

Before the beginning of the construction process, the company has the opportunity to provide its customers with a package of services related to the realization of their project. It may include the overall design, planning and implementation work - from the development of a conceptual architectural project, through the receipt of all official approvals, to the preparation of a detailed conception of logistics on the construction site.

The company's constant strive is to be maximally adaptable to the dynamically changing real estate market conditions and to offer adequate solutions for the needs of its partners and customers.

"LINER" Ltd. is registered in the Central professional register of the building companies, under the Law of the Bulgarian Construction Chamber according to the requirements of the Bulgarian laws.


• Correctness
• Loyalty
• Responsibility
• Uncompromising

For its 25 years of successful development "LINER" Ltd. has realized:

• 47 - residential buildings,
• 241,050 sq. Meters total built-up area,
• 2,411 homes,
• 27 items - retail outlets and offices
• 15 - industrial sites